Aqua Yoga in Pregnancy | Ioanna Vaporidi

Aqua Yoga in Pregnancy | Ioanna Vaporidi

Uniting the benefits of prenatal yoga with the water Freedman [1] created Aquanatal yoga. The Aqua yoga is based on the principles of yoga and aims to help the expectant mother to prepare physically and psychologically for the most beautiful moment of her life, the birth of her child.

The warm water, the shallow pool and the specific exercises are the perfect and safe environment for the training of the pregnant woman [2]. The lesson is structured such where the pregnant always is working the whole body, with safety and comfort throughout pregnancy without any risk of falling and without burdening their ligaments and joints!

The Aqua yoga is the perfect form of exercise for pregnancy, provided that there is consent of the gynecologist and the pregnancy progresses smoothly.

The gentle strength training will help the expectant mother to strengthen the leg muscles, the dorsal and back having less pain during pregnancy and better support of the belly as it grows! Studies have shown that in those instances where women experience low-back pain, water exercise is an excellent alternative [3]. Gentle stretching exercises in warm water will relieve and relax the muscle groups saddled. The specific exercises to strengthen the ligaments and joints and better balance will provide the necessary confidence to pregnant woman to move safely in daily life [4].

Are also important the exercises done in the last quarter to help the baby get the right position for birth and then get into the woman’s pelvis [5]. Observational studies of women who exercise during pregnancy have shown benefits such as decreased GDM [6], cesarean and operative vaginal delivery and postpartum recovery time [7].

The hydrostatic pressure also acting to all organs, especially the cardiovascular, it helps her keep low cardiac pulse and so can follow this program up to the day they give birth [1]. Immersing the body in water up to their shoulders pregnant feels only about 10% of its weight, which is quite a relief especially in the last months of pregnancy as the weight of the belly increases.

During of the lesson special attention is given to breathing, which helps to better oxygenate the muscles and fetus during exercise and preparing the pregnant woman for childbirth [8]. To cope with the contractions, breathe properly.

Spectacular are also the results of Aqua yoga in psychology of pregnant women decreasing daily stress enough but it childbirth stress, reduces respfiratory rate and the blood corfisone level [8].


Citation: Vaporidi I. Aqua Yoga in Pregnancy. J Univer Surg. 2016, 4:2.


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